Do you know the application of cnc lathe and milling machines?

Lathe and milling machines are both tools that can be used in the workshop for working on materials such as wood, metals,plastic, etc. Now we will discuss the difference between a lathe and a milling machine.


The mini cnc lathe is a master of turning, facing, drilling, cutting, sanding, deforming and knurling.Each of these processes is performed by applying a different type of tool to the workpiece as it is rotating. Benchtop cnc lathe can be used for wood turning, metalworking and parts reclamation. The workpiece is held in place by means of at least one clamp which may be adjusted to suit varying lengths.


Milling machines are experts at drilling, boring, cutting, shaping, flattening and rounding off edges. They allow for more versatility in the choice of material.Much like the lathe, the milling machine is a jack of all trades and you can see its work in metal engravings and sculptures, gears and etc.